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Pure Bloom

In tribute to this irresistible urge for adventure, the French company has created Pure Bloom, luminous fragrance based on patchouli, which completes the luxurious S.T. Dupont collection. It’s a floral oriental scent that is intoxating and becomes luminous overtime. Radiant and smooth, it’s the elixir of a hypnotic sensuality for intrepid travellers. A fragrance that inspires strong feelings.

Dipped in gold, the bottle is enhanced with silkscreened patchouli flowers on the front, like flowers gilded by the sun. A black lacquer seal is stamped halfway down the bottle and features S.T. Dupont’s refined goldenb signature, chic and rare. A tribute to the unique expertise of Chinese lacquer on metal, a signature of the S.T. Dupont Maison.