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FLOWER by KENZO is a fragrance that represents the emotions of contemporary urban life, fragile and strong at the same time. It is a multifaceted fragrance that expresses the era of modernity and style of the city, from an ethereal, poetic and timeless point of view. This perfume displays its smell tandem through three main Basic notes: parma violet with intensive floral notes; blackcurrants that provide sparkling fruity notes, and finally, dusty chords of Bulgarian rose, delicate and subtle like a caress of comfort on the skin. Vanilla, white musk and incense mark the finishing with a volatile fragrance silhouette that will surprise you with its vibrant and vital halo.

MODERNITY. For avant-garde women, lovers of floral fragrances with a modern touch, in perfect harmony with any city in the world.

TIMELESS CHARACTER. Its intensive floral notes and a spiced base provide versatility, so that it can be used during the day in any season.

COLLECTORS. This perfume was created by the prestigious Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillas in 2000. A fragrance that makes its way into a new millennium. The design of the packaging is a poetic ode, represented by the poppy flower, inspiring energy, strength and balance, as the new generation of women in the 21st century.