Sigma Dry'n Shape Spa

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Quickly deep clean, dry and reshape up to 18 makeup brushes all with one compact brush care tool. It’s engineered to wash brushes of every size using 4 exclusive textures, then squeeze-dry them upside-down to quickly restore their shape and function, protecting your brush investment.
Function: Quickly clean, dry + reshape makeup brushes
Unique Feature: Design disassembles to wash brushes
Recommended Use: Swirl brushes on 4 patented textures, then snap them into place, upside-down, to dry

Additional Info:
Patented cleansing tool
Holds, reshapes + dries up to 18 brushes
Easy-to-breakdown design
Compact design frees up counter space

1. Wet brush under warm running water
2. Apply 1-3 pumps of SIGMAGIC® BRUSHAMPOO™ LIQUID or FOAM directly onto brush fibers or WASH texture of Sigma Dry’n Shape® Spa
3. Swirl brush on WASH texture, using Face textures for larger brushes and Eye textures for smaller brushes
4. Using warm water, sweep brush back and forth on RINSE texture to remove makeup and cleanser
5. Move brush up and down on REFINE texture to ensure all makeup is removed
6. Gently squeeze brush bristles to remove excess water
7. Dry and reshape brush bristles by threading face brushes, handle first, through one of the elastic bands and securing the handle in the SigmaSnap®
8. Ensure there’s a small space between the elastic band and the ferrule to prevent water sitting in the ferrule
9. Secure eye brushes, bristles down, handles up, into smaller silicone holders on the inside of the brush cleansing tool

Formulated without: Latex, BPA, Lead
Non-toxic material
Made of high-grade silicone