Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning

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Swirl away product build-up, oil and dirt with this compact silicone mat, featuring 7 exclusive textures to clean brushes of every size!
Function: Remove makeup residue + bacteria

Unique Feature: Compact design fits any size sink

Recommended Use: Swirl brushes on 7 exclusive texture to wash, rinse and refine bristles. Pair with a SigMagic® formula for the deepest clean possible.

Additional Info:

Patented textures
Fits any size sink
Firm-hold suctions cups
Prolongs brush lifespan
Prepares brushes for next use
Clean brushes mean better skin and makeup application


1- Position mat upright in sink and secure suction cups
2- Wet brush under warm, running water
3- Apply 1-3 pumps of SigMagic® Brushampoo™ LIQUID or FOAM directly onto brush fibers or WASH texture
4- Swirl brush on WASH texture, using Face textures for larger brushes and Eye textures for smaller brushes
5- Using warm water, sweep brush back and forth on RINSE texture to remove makeup and cleanser
6- Move brush up and down on REFINE texture to ensure all makeup is removed
7- Swirl brush on REFINE PLUS texture for an added clean
*Add more brush cleanser and repeat steps 1-5 as needed
8- Gently squeeze brush bristles to remove excess water
9- Store, dry and reshape brush by placing it in a SIGMA DRY'N SHAPE® product

Formulated without: Latex, BPA, Lead
Non-toxic material
Made of high-grade silicone
Dimensions: 8.89 in x 6.5 in, 22.5 cm x 16.5 cm