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Your inner glow and confidence are a natural part of you – and Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Ambrée Eau de Parfum for women will make sure that they shine through in all their beauty and sensuality. The scent of this fragrance will sparkle on your skin like warm rays of sunshine on a summer day.

Oriental fragrance with floral elements
Created by perfumer Aurelien Guichard

Composition of the fragrance
The opening notes of ylang-ylang and plumeria will caress your senses like an exotic breeze. This playful floral accord is then pierced by the clean, sensuous aroma of musk. Lightly sweet, velvety warmth of cedar wood closes the fragrance and stays with you throughout the drydown.

Story of the fragrance
Another inimitable fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez comes in a bottle whose colour was intentionally designed to resemble the shade of a sun-kissed skin. Both the design of the bottle and the ingredients used in the fragrance itself are clear tell-tale marks of a new Narciso fragrance.

This latest elegant composition of course contains musk – a common ingredient of the entire line. Pairing it with the aroma of exotic flowers, the sunny Ambrée will surround you with a sensual, magnetic allure.